What Happens When We Pray?

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    FIRST STAGE : All prayers start praying to a personal God with name and form.

    SECOND STAGE : As we mature spiritually, that personal God will transform to light in our minds.

    THIRD STAGE : As we mature more spiritual, that personal God will transform to nothing or void in our minds.

    FOURTH STAGE :Finally we will see that God and us are one.At that stage Devotee will say Aham Brahmasmi – I am God.
    All mystics including Jesus said I AM GOD.

    Even Sage Narada felt I AM GOD and that is the reason why he wrote

    At the end, everyone will realize AHAM BRAHMASMI------- I AM GOD.
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    Is there any way to determine where I am? Let me explain from another forum...

    Rather than typing it all here and detracting from the purpose of your post, I wrote an introduction here - http://www.hindudharmaforums.com/showthread.php?t=13124&highlight=deafAncient

    It seems to be that I am seeing that I have gone through the fourth stage, though I never did the first stage. Please advise.
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    Please return here and click on the link I posted above once more. I realized that I posted the wrong link. This one has a more detailed conversation about my learning process on that forum.

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    Prayers have more on scientific and psychological reason than anything else and here are few things that prayers can do to you:
    • it helps in distressing.
    • it helps in conscious awakening and enlightenment.
    • it helps in communion with almighty with single-minded devotion.
    • it helps in getting peace in the restless mind.
    • it helps in melting ego, it gives inner strength and pure intellect
    some other aspects include:
    • prayers are often done to surrender completely towards god devotion.
    • prayers are often done asking benefits for others if not for self many
    • prayers are thanks giving prayers to almighty
    If we look at Hindu philosophy than we have 3 ways of self-actualization
    1. KARMA: the path of action
    2. GYAN: the path of knowledge
    3. BHAKTI: the path of devotion.
    It is the third path of Bhakti which is all about devotion towards almighty, hear the prayers take away your pride, ego and arrogance. these prayers bring in happiness, unending joy and satisfaction
    Prayer is an essential part of Bhakti.
    Prayers in Hinduism are the simplest act to express our faith with God and his fairness Hinduism teaches that there is a godly power in each one of us, realise this first..
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    hello sir,

    Can you explain what do you want to say pointing us towards that link ?
    well if you are in fourth stage then you can guide others , but believe me reaching their isn't easy .. the one on fourth stage automatically knows about rest three stages.
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    I don't know what to say at this time in my life. The reason I point to my thread on that forum is because I can remember what it was like before I was taught language, how to socialize with people, and learned about what people believed in, because I was already seven and a half years old when I started learning in earnest. Those memories are very clear. It is a sense of awareness, and I still have it today.
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    I still can't get you..
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    And perhaps, you never will. I give you two ways to understand what I mean by that.

    1) Think about Arjuna continuously asking questions of Kṛṣṇa to dispel doubts about fighting in the Bhagavad Gītā until he was given a vision, allowing him to see what Kṛṣṇa could see.

    2) If I tell you about this house, how many rooms it has, what the bathrooms are like, floor material, interior/exterior style, fixtures, colors, textures, etc., is that the same thing as you actually being inside this house to fully understand, experience this house?

    I am not able to do this for you, as I am but a human with no powers to make this happen.

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