What is Annaprasana ?

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    This sanskar/custom/function is performed on or after 6th or seventh month according to the sexual orientation of the tyke, 6th or even months for the kid youngster and odd months for the young lady kid. This formal service starts the presentation of strong sustenance for the child.

    At the point when the infant gets strong sustenance interestingly, Mantras are discussed and pujas are offered to the different divinities. It is trusted that, with Annaprasana, the imperfections that emerge because of admission of polluted nourishment when as a baby are evacuated. It is additionally trusted that Annaprasana function will satisfy discourse. The importance of Annaprasana is anna=rice and prasana= to enter. Annaprasana is done after the Namakaran service.

    The child is given rice kheer or payasam sustained with a brilliant ring in some sanctuary or in the vicinity of a minister. From here on you can keep giving the child strong things in little amount.

    As indicated by the Grihyasutras, Annaprasana ought to be performed when the tyke is somewhere around six and seven months old. For a powerless kid, it can be put off further. In any case it ought not be performed before the kid is four months old in light of the fact that he won't have the capacity to process nourishment before then. Nor ought to the service be performed after he is a year old in light of the fact that postponing extra sustenance could impede the tyke's common development and advancement.

    A few individuals trust that Annaprasana ought to be performed after the kid's first teeth turn out as this is a certain sign that he will have the capacity to process strong nourishment.

    At the end of the capacity, distinctive articles (books, organic products, toys, cash and so on.) are spread before the youngster. The child is permitted to touch these things and it is trusted that what the infant touches first will be his enthusiasm for whatever is left of his life.

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