What is dharma in Hinduism?

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    Dharma is the home of virtue, purity, uprightness and integrity. It helps people to live a life with the codes and mantras that are described in the Hindu scriptures.

    Hinduism modifies dharma as the universal law which people should always follow. And its observance can bring peace and happiness in our lives. It helps human to be satisfied with their lives. If you follow the path of dharma then it will save you from the crucial sufferings of life. Basically dharma is considered as the moral law which offers spiritual disciplines and guides your life properly.

    Hindus believe that dharma is the main foundation of life. They believe that it is the source of whole creation. Without dharma it is impossible to exist in the world.

    Dharma is all about the ethics related to your religion as it was discusses by the Hindu Gurus in previous time. In ancient literature or Indian scripture you will get to know about it in details. Tulsidas was the author of Ramcharitmanas and he described dharma as the root of everything. He considered it as compassion. In fact, Lord Buddha in his Great book Dhammapada shared the same views. So, according to the oldest Hindu scriptures dharma was the main source of life.

    The principles of dharma guide people to stick to the right path. Hindus have faith in reincarnation. And it is believed that your next existence is determined by your karma in present life. Karma is the action one has done in his life. So, you need to practice good Karma to achieve the real purpose of dharma.

    Dharma is a universal norm and if you ever try to break the norm it will bring misfortune in your life. According to the ancient scriptures doing the right thing for your family, society, universe is the right way to live a good life.

    However, one must understand the real essence of dharma without following it blindly. It will free your mind, give you wisdom and help you to stay strong and fight with crucial situation.

    The main purpose of dharma is to provide mankind the rules of conduct which are meant to assure supreme joy as well as worldly happiness. Many great Rishis had referred dharma as a path to get supreme happiness.

    Hinduism is the oldest religion that teaches us how to attain the ideal happiness and eternal bliss in our life. It educates us with different methods that can help us to get eternal bliss in our lives and not after our death. It serves the idea of marriage, live for a family. Believing in dharma can help you to experience strength, joy and tranquillity which are very important to lead a disciplined life.

    This is the concept of dharma in Hinduism. People practiced it since ancient time. The purpose of dharma is so strong that it can change your life. Though the whole concept is old but still it is very relevant to today’s world.

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