what is jantu bali and naramedha-yajna you hindus sacrificed not only animals but HUMANS

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  1. someone

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    Hey I need ur help! I'm replying to one comment against Hindu Dharma... n m stuck in one question by a Muslim... plz help answer me....the question is as follow :what is jantu bali and naramedha-yajna you hindus sacrificed not only animals but HUMANS also.... and what is your tradition Satti? wich is practiced from centries.... your god is much merciful upon animals but not on human... Now a days your fashion is vegetarism and you forget about your history..
  2. Aum

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    Hinduism is dharma and its eternal religion it doesn't need answers to prove things.
    Bali was great warrior who lost his path on dharma hence had to leave his life.
    Hindus never sacrificed humans...if possible can you quote where did he take words from ?
    even if they did , it not part of Hinduism.
    Sati is not part of Hinduism..rather it came into existence after several invasions done against hindus, where in muslims targeted hindu females, hence females choose dying then being part of attrocities by muslims.
    well what hinduism is he talking about ?
    There is no compulsion of anything in hinduism..its always suggested to follow certain things..
  3. Ignorant

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    arre why go for defence...just ask him..
    why allah is so helpless that he needs to convert humans ?
    why allah himself not convert all ? why allah is so helpless that it cannot have form ?
    let him answer this and we can throw few questions at him..
    just tell him u don't believe in anything what he says...coz ur hindu..
    ask him "if arab or kaaba or mohammud is eliminated from earth can islam survive ?
    answer is no ..why so ? is allah so weak ?
  4. Speechless world

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    Dear Rahul ,
    Today's Hinduism is not the pure foam of Vedic culture, It's true that Vedic ppl were not vegetarian, Bali was allowed on that time, Vegetarianism as introduced by Jainism and to some extent Buddhism was revolutionary in India and soon they got a lot of converts. Hindus quickly adopted their practices and put a slow end to ritual sacrifices of animals. So as Hinduism is mixer culture of all the religions now it's become a very flexible religion and we are free to eat or not eat whatever we like,
    Now ask those Muslims why they forget their history according to Quran graves(Dargah) are haraam in Islam then why they built and praying there. Aum
  5. SanatanVedaGyan

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    The question is by a Muslim, so my answers will have examples from Islam.

    1. What is jantu bali and naramedha-yajna ?

    Ans. jantu bali is what you do during Bakr-Eid Kurbani. Narmedha is what Muslim warriors do with Non-Muslims. As these are practices of Islam, you should not have problem.

    Now from Hindu point of view -
    1. Hinduism follows three kinds of rituals -

    Meditation is the oldest kind. Even the seers of Vedas could see the Mantras by practicing meditation. It is said to be "Adhwara" Means non-violent.
    Second one is Mantra - that is chanting mantras, singing prayers, Suktas, Strotras, hanumal Chalisa, Gayatri, Arati mantras etc. This one developed over time when the mantras seen by the seers got popularised in the society. Third one is tantra, came very lately. This Tantra has no basics, there are no fixed rules, fixed words or fixed way of utterance. This is not certified by any Rishi or seer. This some times include Pashu bali and some morons too do naravali. And saying this alone is Hinduism, is saying, "genocides by Christians by thousands of year, Black and white racism=christianity, and terrorism = Islam"

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