What is Kriya Yoga?

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    Kriya Yoga is a universal scientific practice by which any individual seeker irrespective of class, creed, sex or nationality can reach the summit of human attainment. It can afford the practitioner perfect peace and bliss.

    Kriya yoga deals with the breathing process. By pranayama or some finer and higher breathing exercises the mind is brought into perfect stillness and we arrive at realization of what is called the Ultimate Reality. A Divine Light is generated from the Spiritual Third Eye. The body consciousness disappears. The Cosmic Consciousness brings in a state of ecstacy, revealing that we are not merely a structure of flesh and blood, bone and skin. We are Spiritual entities. Within us rests the Heaven, the Sublime Soul in the form of Divine Light. Thus our real identity, masked by worldly illusions becomes unmasked

    It is the practical part of yoga like any other branch of science, through which a devoted practitioner is capable of entering the cosmic realm of eternal peace and tranquillity. Nothing but sustained practice is the key to unlock this world of resplendent glory and a vision of the Most High. Practice reveals the inner identity of a kriya practitioner merging with the Divine. A sense of pantheism envelops him and he perceives the Supreme Self everywhere.

    He feels tangibly:

    “Mannatha srijagannatha, madguru srijagadguru
    Madatma sarbabhutatma, tasmai sri gurabe namah”

    That means:

    “My Lord is the Lord of the universe, My Guru is the Guru of this cosmos
    My Soul is the Soul of all beings, I bow to thee my Guru the Great”
  2. Kriya Yoga is the practice of certain cleansing or purificatory processes which cleanse the body both outside and within.

    Different practices are:

    · Dhauti: by swallowing cloth, or by drinking water and vomiting it or excreting it and by swallowing air and excreting it.

    · Vasti or cleansing of the abdomen. Sitting in water and contracting the anus to draw water up into the intestines or simply dry contracting

    · Neti or cleansing the nostrils with string

    · Lauliki or quickly swinging the head from side to side

    · Nauli or abdominal churning

    · Taraka or staring fixedly at one point until the eyes water

    · Kapalabhati or inhaling and exhaling very quickly

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