What is love?

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    Is it an intimate attachment or the sense of belonging? Or is it the painful longing?

    When beloved is out of sight...
    Is that right?

    Now another question that follows this is, is love so simple? And had it been so simple, would it have been upheld in all the sacred texts the way it is upheld?

    No! Attachment or attraction is just an initial requirement that leads to love! But its NOT love! Because, if there is only attachment/attraction, it breeds expectation! But where there is expectation, there is sorrow... there is sadness...

    Love is divine. And its very difficult indeed to LOVE some one on this physical plane! As love is an attribute eternal and we are all mortal. To this, many may put up a question! But to them, i would ask a question back: ask ur sub-conscious mind; do u really love someone? True love is beyond that which is generally understood in the masses.

    Example may be cited that of Gopis of Vrindavan and their love for Bhagavan. They didnot expect anything from Bhgavan but always thought of means and ways to comfort Bhagavan with their mind, body and soul. A very famous story in this connection is found in Bhagavat.

    Once Bhagavan was lying down on his Kingly bed in Dwarka. Sri Narad happened to visit Bhagavan. And Bhagavan didnot react at Sri Narad's arrival and didnot even cared to put up His hands in blessing when Sri Narad bowed to Him. At this, Narad was really astonished.. He questioned Bhagavan's behaviour!

    To this, Bhagavan replied," Narad! I'm suffering from heavy headache. I'm not feeling well."

    Narad said, "Accept my heartfelt apologies Bhagavan! But how to cure your headache? When the king of the universe is having an headache, it must have some serious implication.. What is the remedy lord? Please tell me! I'll try to bring it from anywhere possible..."

    Bhagavan said, "You donot have to go anywhere Narad! Its here only! Within this room"

    "And what is that Bhagavan?"

    "The dust of ones feet", Bhagavan replied.

    Strange are the ways of Bhagavan... Narad was surprised! He said, " What did you say Sri Hari? The dust of someones feet? Why don't you apply the holy dust from your blessed feet then?"

    Bhagavan said, " No Narad! It must be someone other than Me! Can you give me some of your feet's dust?"

    Narad shun away saying, "No Bhagavan! Thou art the King of Kings, the most divine being... How can i incur sin by letting you apply on your blessed Head; the dust from my feet? I'm not worthy to do that lord! "

    "Then, donot waste my time Narad! Go at once and search for the remedy I told you."

    "As you so wish my lord!" Replied Narad and went out of the room. At Bhagavan's command, he seeked the foot dust from many divinities first.

    At first, he went to Mother Rukmani, the beloved wife of Bhagavan. But She shun from giving her feet dust, saying, "Narad! Have you gone crazy? Being the wife of Bhagavan, how can i ever tresspass the code of conduct of an ideal wife? And moreover, do you want to make me a sinner? If my feet dust ever touches Bhagavan, I'll be a great sinner!!"

    And thus, Narad was shun and turned away each time he narrated the story and seeked for the sand dust from the feet from all divinities. He was shun by the divine trio (Brahma, Visnu and Shiva), Indraloka (the abode of divinities such as the lord of air etc) and even the mother Goddesses (Kali, Durga etc). Then Narad turned to all the renowned devotees of Bhagavan like Saptarshi etc.Then he went also to renouned saints, demons, mortals etc. But each one shun him with the same excuse: Should we incur sin by allowing our feet dust on Bhagavan's forehead? And to this, Narad never had a convincing answer...

    Tired and defeated, He came back to Bhagavan and said, "Prabhu! Thou art the knower of all past, future and present. Its not hidden from you that i've been to all corners of this world but couldnot get the cure. Prabhu! Please be merciful and tell me, where do i get this dust that can relieve Your headache?"

    "Are, you sure Narad? You visited all corners?"

    "Yes Bhagavan!"

    "Did you go to earth?"

    "Yes Bhagavan! I went to all the great saints presently surviving on earth!"

    "Did you go to Vrindavan?"

    "Vrindavan? But why Bhagavan? Tot those illiterate cowherds?"

    "Mind your language Narad! I was brought up in that blessed land!"

    "Forgive my language Bhagavan! But you are Bhagavan! Whereever you are, that becomes the most blessed place! Now there are only illiterate cowherds there!!"

    "Narad! Do not deviate from the original point of getting my remedy! Seek it from wherever possible!!"

    "As you command Govinda! I'll at once go to Vrindavan!"

    Narad presently came to Vrindavan and told the gopas and gopis (cow herds and cow herdresses) that Bhagavan was ill and His only remedy was the foot dust.

    The only reply that came at once unanimously was, "Oh! Is it? Our beloved Kanha is ill? And his only remedy is foot dust? Then take my foot dust!!"

    And at once, each of the gopas and gopis put up one of their leg and showed their foot to Narad, expecting Narad to take off some dust from each of them.

    Narda was surprised, "Have you gone nuts? Won't you incur sin by allowing your feet dust to be applied on Bhagavan's forehead?"

    To this, Radharani replied, " Narad ji! Our only concern now is that Kanha is suffering! And His suffering must be brought to an end immediately! And sin? Ha ha ha.... Who cares for the Sin? When we are ready to loose our existence for Kanha, what is that to incuring sin? We love Kanha Narad ji! Whatever be the consequence, my only concern is that Kanha must be comfortable in all conditions...Now, please donot waste time, but take the dust that Kanha seeks and relieve Him from His pain as soon as possible..."

    In a state of complete shock, Narad took dust from all their feet and went off to Dwarka. There He applied the dust on Bhagavan's forehead. The pain was relieved.

    On questioning Bhagavan, Bhagavan replied,"That is unconditional love Narad! And that is the only reason that i dance with them. And they are the eternal expression of my love and heirs to my divine immortal Kingdom. And if anyone wants to achieve Me in true sense, he/she has to reach that plane of unconditional love!!!"

    I literally cried when i heard it first time from Gurudev!! Such expression of self-kess love! And that is true love! Whatever be the consequence, love only knows to love.... And to achieve it, it becomes very difficult! I have been trying from last 5 years to love Bhagavan in that way... But its not been accomplished. Small failures and i deviate from my path of constant contemplation on unconditional love. Unconditional love is so difficult to achieve.

    May Bhagavan bless us with Unconditional love for Him. May Bhagavan bless us to be strong in mind, body and spirit; so that we may be able to achieve Him in this birth itself! Jai Bhagavan! Jai Jai Shree Radheshyam! Jai Gurudev!!!

    Jai Jai Shree Radheshyam!

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