What is the effect of Astrology ???

Discussion in 'Astrology Forum' started by spelli, Jun 5, 2015.

  1. spelli

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    why all the astrologers have different points while reading kundli by taking consideration that they all learned from the honorable Hindu Vedas ???
  2. Sanatan Sinhnaad

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    Thank you Spelli, For asking such an important question.
    Hindu Astrology or Jyutish originated from Vedang Jyutish, i.e. Jyutish is one of the six Vedang. Vedang are discipline which are used for better understanding of vedas. Without Vedangs one cannot understand Vedas. So saying that Jyutish are learned from Vedas is wrong. Vedas are different and Jyutish is different. Jyutish is used for calculation of time, movement of sun and moon and other planetary movement i.e whatever included in astronomy is included in Jyutish. and yes ofcourse astrology i.e Hora. Jyutish have 3 branches i.e
    Siddhanta -- All astronomy included in it. Many ancient astronomers contributed to it. Siddhant sirumani and surya siddhanta are main books of it.
    Samhinta -- Astrology of natural calmities or of a Nation.
    Hora -- personal astrology. Kumdali made in it.. The last two depends on first one,, coz all calculations are done from siddhanta.
    Astrologers should doublecheck astrological indications thru different steps before giving any predictions. Such methods are described in "Brihat Parashar Hora Shastra " by Maharishi Parashar but Now a days astrology set up as business and none of astrologers check these steps. and many used computer software like Kundali pro etc to give prediction but these kind of predictions are not only wrong but full of errors.
    Many times astrologers mix up samhinta and Hora astrology. this will give different predictions but also give errors in predictions.
    Many ignore Shodash Varga charts ( 16 divisions) the calculation of these charts require time but astrologers want to make more money so they have to do it fast resulting in different predictions. The time of birth and location should be accurate. Other main resons are man made i.e different astrologers perform different calculation may be with errors or not and give different predictions.
    In my personal opinion do not go after these predictions, due to karma phal future changes time to time. So any predictions is according to your birth but due to Karm of today you can change tomorrow.

    Hope you will satisfied with answer. If still any question remains in your mind you can ask here.... Shiva Bless....
  3. rahul malik

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    Astrology has a great impact on our life. Astrology is based on the planetary positions according to our birth details and these position of planets affect our life greatly.

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