What is the Hindu concept of enlightenment ?

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  1. garry420

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    what do i reply to this message by one of my friend ?

    I have been part of spirituality since many years.
    I would like to know about What is the Hindu concept of enlightenment and how is it different from the spirituality that we learn from our guru's ?
    My guru's org shows up the mix of all sects of Hinduism
  2. Aum

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    knowing self is enlightenment as per me in hinduism, thou there may be many descriptions and quotes from our holy books regarding enlightenment..
  3. Senthil

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    Personally, I'd change the term to either nivikalpa samadhi, or to Self-realisation, for staters, and then explain that it means many things to many different people, but for traditionalists, its the outcome of lifetimes of intense sadhanas including celibacy, meditation, and the direction of a Guru.
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  4. Aum

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    Self-realisation for staters should be fine and rest i would agree :)
  5. The foundation of enlightenment is to understand “Who Am I?”
    Enlightenment is to understand that a person is not their material body or mind—that they are a spiritual being.

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