What is the moral of the story?

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    once there was a old man who had four son's .OF four the eldest was loving and caring,youngest did not do anything where as all worked in fields
    One day the old man become sick.he called his son's and asked eldest son to stay united after his death.
    Few day's later he died and his eldest son decided to goto city to earn money and he asked to take all his brother's with him to do buisness while moving to city it started raining..n storm was everywhere and thus they took shelter under a banyan tree and while taking rest lightening would came to their head's and repelled back and after every minute it came and repelled...all the four brother's became scared n had discussion n conclusion was concluded that this was happening because of one or the four brother's as his bad luck is keeping life of all four in danger and thus they decided that one by one brother would stand alone and the one who would have bad luck would face the lightening and rest 3 would be saved.,,first three went but nothing happened lightening would still come to three brther's n repell back without striking...
    Now it was the turn of youngest son,.he cried not to send him alone but two of elder brother's became so selffish that the pushed him but the eldest brother followed youngest brother as to take on words given by him to his father...immediately when they two left the tree lightening struck tree and two brother's were killed there...and the youngest and eldest son were safe.

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