What is The NEETI- SHASTRA ?

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    NEETI- SHASTRA - Moral Philosophy, Moral Ethics , Moral Science, Welfare of Living & Non Living of our Universe & other Universe of Divine VEDANTA
    "We are All Research Scholar in Search of Truth without Grand Illusion."
    ~ Teacher Tattwa, Poetyca, Prarabdha ~
    "NEETI " is the Subtle & Visible (within) Link between:
    {A}. Social, Religious & Spiritual Conductivity & Materialism,
    {B}. Idealism and Realism
    {C}. Precept & Practice

    1.Definition & Actualization
    2. Learning & Application
    3. Ignorance & True & Pure Knowledge
    5.Self- pity & Self- Respect
    6.Giving & Getting
    7.Good & Bad
    8.Right & Wrong
    9.Fake & Real
    10. Temporary & Permanent
    11. Weakness & Strength
    12.Past & Future
    13. Purity & Impurity
    14. Inner & Outer
    15. Foolishness & Wisdom
    16. Contentment & Covetousness
    17. Withdrawal & Confrontation
    18. Disunity & Unity
    19. Self- pity & Self- Respect
    20. Giving & getting
    21. Faith & Reason
    22.Dogma & Disbelief
    23.Mysterious & Obvious
    24.Unearthly & Earthly
    25.Theory & Practice
    26. Courage & Discretion
    27. Dependence & Autonomy
    28.Rigidness & Flexibility
    29. Goodness & Evil
    30.Poverty & Wealth
    31. Individual & Society
    32. Self & Non- Self
    33. Art & Artlessness
    34.Religion & Atheism
    35. Within & Without
    36.Fate & Action (Karma),
    37. Submission & Resistance
    38. Humility & Confidence
    39.Harmony & Conflict
    40.Passivity & Power
    41. Failure & Success
    42. Dictatorship & Democracy
    43.Self-denial & Opportunism
    44.Virtue & Wisdom
    45. Solitude & Eratosthenes
    46. Self- Negation & Self- Realization
    47. Self- Effacement & Self- Assertion
    48. Individual Soul & the Supreme Soul
    49. Renunciation & Enjoyment
    49. Silence & Speech
    50. LIFE & DEATH
    51.Solitude & Eratosthenes
    52.Temporary & Permanent
    53.Weakness & Strength."

    "The "NEETI SHASTRA" sees through the Abstruse Topics and labyrinth of Mysticism surrounding the Divine, True & Pure Ancient (Created from Lord Mother Kundalini for the Welfare of Living & Non Living of Universe & Others Universe) DIVINE LANGUAGE "SANSKRIT" Literature, Consisting of the:
    (1). Four Vedas
    (2). Six Vedangas
    (3).The Upanishads (about 100), of which 11 are considered Important.
    (4). The Purans , 18 in number
    (5). The Dharma Shastra , 47 in number, of which about 20 extinct
    (6). The Ramayana
    (7). The Mahabharata
    (8). The Bhagvad Gita, besides the six systems of philosophy that grew out of the Upanishads, nameley : the "NYAS" (rationalism) founded by Divine Saint Gautama; the Vaiseshika ( Pluralism) by Kanads: the "SANKHYA" (Evolutionism) by Divine sainta Kapila; the "Yoga"(perfectionism) by Divine Saint Patanjali; the "MIMANSA" (Moralism) by divine Saint Jaimini; and the "Vedanta" by Divine Saint Badarayana or Veda Vyasji."

    "These abound in Social, Religious & Spiritual percepts, moral sentiments, apophthegms and didactic contents."

    "Why the Scientist & People of Universe are Confused of Five Basic Tattwa or Elements i.e. Earth, Water, fire , Air & Ether (Space, Chitta - Akash ?."

    ~ Teacher Tattwa, Poetyca, Prarabdha ~

    "The Time has come for the Whole World, in spite of its Diversity, to accept that the Teachings of the Ancient Divine Rishis (Sages) are the Root of All Religions, having ONE and the SAME GOAL for welfare of Living & Non living."
    ~ Teacher Tattwa, Poetyca, Prarabdha ~

    "COMPETENCE means the ABILITY of human beings of universe to swim across the RIVER of LIFE and reach to SHORE of LORD'S CONSCIOUSNESS."

    "This World {Universe} & OUR MIND, Chitta (mind stuff, psyche)} is Like the WAVES of an OCEAN. (YATHA PINDE TATHA BRHAMANDE, HUMAN BODY & UNIVERSE IS HOMOLOGOUS),"

    "The union of world that exists, in the form of of ACCUMULATED SAMSKARS (Prarabdha, destiny, accumulated impressions) in the CHITTA (mind stuff,psyche) and the visible SLIPPERY WORLD (YATHA PINDE TATHA BRHAMANDE, HUMAN BODY & UNIVERSE IS HOMOLOGOUS), stifles the competency of an individual SOUL."

    "Our body & universe made & consists of Five basic Element & controlled by Consciousness (Chetana) or we say Electricity of Life Force or Non chargeable Divine Battery."

    "In Vedas these five elements are controlled by consciousness of the individual body, known in the West as Bio - Electricity."

    "The current of Chetana comes from this non - changeable life consciousness. "

    "This has been installed in our body at the time of conception. The white dazzling light generated by this Chetana can be seen in the middle of Fore Head with eyes closed, through certain Yogic Kriyas or Methods."

    "Many including Guru Tattwa, have seen this Divine Light of Chetana."

    "Out of this Chetana consciousness current passes in the Body through ten senses, which start from tip of each finger of the Right Hand, go all over the body and in the Toes of the Right Leg and so also on the Left Side."

    "The Abhi Chakra or Solar plexus Term of Western), the controlling centre for all the organs of "NABHI CHAKRA" is not found in any other therapies except in AYURVED, the Indian Medical Sciences of Life."

    "Now so long as this current of chetana flows properly in the body, the body remains fit and healthy."

    "If , for any reason , this current does not reach any part of the body,there is malfunctioning of that part accompanied by pain in some cases ant it not attented to in time , it invite ILLNESS."

    "This World {Universe} & OUR MIND, Chitta (mind stuff, psyche)} is Like the WAVES of an OCEAN. (YATHA PINDE TATHA BRHAMANDE, HUMAN BODY & UNIVERSE IS HOMOLOGOUS),"

    "A SHADOW in Mirror is never Real: We are only following the SHADOWS again & again that are NEVER REAL."
    ~ Teacher Tattwa, Poetyca, Prarabdha ~

    "Who is the WINNER of " DIVINE - LIGHT."?."

    "The Immortal Life is in the DIVINE - LIGHT."

    "We are All Research Scholar in Search of Truth without Grand Illusion."
    ~ Teacher Tattwa, Poetyca, Prarabdha ~

    "The Divinity of the LIGHT is in comparable with that of DARK, because the Darkness is a Dead Creation, there is no existence in it."

    "There are Invisible Worlds, but they are in the Divine LIGHT. That, who turns his Spirit in the Dark, Woe to Him!."

    "For he is like a strangled Bird from his flock, where his place is.His Light disperses in the Dark & becomes Mortal."

    "Supplant the Darkness by the by the Divine - Light, absorb it, but do not abide in it, for the MOTHERLAND of the Spirit is the DIVINE - LIGHT. and that , who doesn't abide in the Divine Light, will PERISH in the DARK."

    "The Divine Light concludes the MIND & CHITTA. The Universal Subtle Voice is turned toward the DIVINE Light."
    "Everything is there in the DIVINE LIGHT, and everything perfect resides there."
    ~ Teacher Tattwa, Poetyca, Prarabdha ~

    "The Social Conduct ,Religiosity & Spirituality(selflessness) can be attained very easily on this EARTH, under this SKY, breathing the same air of UNIVERSE."
    ~ Teacher Tattwa, Poetyca, Prarabdha ~

    "Self- Introspection " must also be embraced as indispensable part of SOCIAL CONDUCTIVITY, RELIGIOSITY,SPIRITUALITY."
    ~ Teacher Tattwa, Poetyca, Prarabdha ~

    "Elimination of ILLUSION & Misconception is the GOAL of Social Conductivity,Religiosity & Spirituality i.e. Guru Tattwa,Prarabdha."
    ~ Teacher Tattwa, Poetyca, Prarabdha ~

    "ONE for ALL & & ALL for ONE (must be Co-exist).{ Dvaita (Duality,Diversity) v\s Advaita (Non-Duality),Within}."
    ~ Teacher Tattwa, Poetyca, Prarabdha ~

    "Enabling people to help themselves by taking an holistic approach, promoting health, education and enterprise; facilitating independence not dependence."
    ~ Teacher Tattwa, Poetyca, Prarabdha ~

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