What is the use of our religious scriptures like Vedas, Puranas and Ithihasas?

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    They have twin benefits, one should first understand the Ithihasas, they have moral and spiritual purport. By understanding them which are in the form of great epics initially one would get clarity on what is Dharma, importance of truthfulness, what is faith, how to bear difficulties and still follow the righteous path etc.

    While going through them one would naturally have many questions as some of the incidents are contrary to the central theme and the principles advocated. We must carefully note them down.

    As a next step we should take up Puranas there are eighteen of them, we must go through them patiently, then all our unanswered questions would be answered, then we must go deeper into the seemingly supernatural events that are described therein as they refuse to convince the rational mind with the tendency to seek confirmation through experience and perception.

    We should contemplate on these riddles and gradually you would find that we can develop what is known as intuition, we would be prompted to look elsewhere for answers and would guess their inner meaning or purport. Now we should take efforts to get them clarified as precise and correct interpretation. But how?

    Take up study of Veda and after thoroughly mastering the recitation part, we should take up study of meaning or Bashya. This will result in understanding the inner meaning of many unresolved riddles that remained.

    Of course this stage could be reached only by a very few as it requires many skills, time at one's disposal, passion etc. But it is worth the trial.

    But in the process many would have achieved profound knowledge and obtained verifiable benefits apart form the ultimate goal of self realization. They are good character, ability to meet the difficult situations of life, ability to maintain the mental and bodily health and ensuring peace within, respecting environment and not abusing it and lead a contended life and earning through just means. This process would also make us proficient in many languages, strong in logic, grammar, ability to understand poetry, and even write one, excellent imagination.
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