What is Tithi? Significance of Tithis

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    Tithi means the Stay or rotation of Moon transit through the constellation in a zodiac sign. These are fifteen Tithis in each Paksha-Fornight . Paksha is a Sanskrit word which revels Fortnight in the month of Hindu Lunar Calender. A Paksha is the period either side of the Full moon (Purnima). The first fortnight between New Moon Day (Amavasya) and Full Moon Day (Purnima) is considered as Shukla Paksha, this period is of the brightening Moon. The second fortnight of the month is considered as Krishna Paksha or Bahula Paksha, this is the period of the fading Moon.

    It‘s Hinduism-Sanatana Dharma tradition which is followed since ancient times to schedule journeys based on Tithis by referring a Vedic Calender or by consulting a vedic scholar.
    1. A Journey or Travel scheduled during Brahma Muhurtam or Brahmi Muhurat will Give fruitful and positive results.

    2. No necessity to refer a Panchang or Vedic Calender while you travel during the Brahma Muhurtam only.

    3. Brahma Muhurtam or Brahmi Muhurat varies/changes Day by Day.

    As per Vedic Scriptures, the result or outcome of Tithis: are as Follows.
    Tithi Name | Krishna Paksha/ Benefits of Tithi | Shukla PakshaBenefits of Tithi |
    Pratipada or Padyami1st day and considered as ‘Vriddhiprad’ | Inauspicious | Inauspicious | Good for construction of house, shifting to a new home, Cultural values, Chaul Karma, Vastu Karma, Marriage, Travelling, in Krishna Paksha.
    Dwitiya 2nd dayand considered as ‘Mangalprad’ | Success of Work – Karyasiddhi | Success of Work – Karyasiddhi | Auspicious for marriage, travel, buying ornaments, matters related to state and country, Vastu Karma etc. Oiling is prohibited in this Tithi.
    Tritiya or Thrathiya3rd day and considered as ‘Balprad’ | Success of Work – Karyasiddhi | Success of Work – Karyasiddhi | Shifting to a new home, marriage, travel, matters related to state.
    Chaturthi or Chaviti4th day and considered as ‘Khal’ | Difficulties and Calamities | Difficulties and Calamities | Auspicious for all works
    Panchami 5th day and considered as “ Lakshmiprad” | Auspicious | Auspicious | This Tithi is good for any auspicious work. Inauspicious for lending money only.
    Shasti6th day and considered as “ Yashprad” | Untimely Enemity | Untimely Enemity | Good for War-craft works, Vastu karma, to Shift in a new home and wearing new garments.
    Saptami7th day and considered as “ Mitra “ | Happy & Satisfactory | Happy & Satisfactory | Auspicious for marriage, Bride’s access to home,shifting to new Home, Vastu karma
    Ashtami8th day and considered as “ Dwandwa” | Very Inauspicious | Very Inauspicious | Meat should not be eaten on this Tithi.Good for work related to Gems, Weapons
    Navami9th day and considered as “ Ugra” | Loss and Troubles | Loss and Troubles | Good for work related to hunting, fighting, Gambling, building and construction, alcohol etc
    Dashami or Dasami10th day and considered as “ Saumya” | Achieve Wealth – Dhan Labh | Achieve Wealth – Dhan Labh | Good for government related works. To stay in a new home,
    Ekadasi or Ekadashi11th day and considered as | Auspicious – Equal to Kanyalabham | Auspicious – Equal to Kanyalabham | Good for fasts, religious works, festivals, Vastu Karma
    Dwadasi or Dwadashi12th day and considered as | Inauspcious & Loss | Inauspcious & Loss | Not good for construction of a new home, Shifting into a new home and travel
    Trayodasi or Trayodashi13th day and considered as | Auspicious in all aspects | Auspicious in all aspects | All kinds of auspicious works can be done on this Tithi. Avoid shifting to a new home,
    Chaturdasi or Chaturdashi14th day | Inauspicious | Distress in Accomplishments | Brutal and Aggressive to be done on this Tithi. But Travel is prohibited
    Amavasya 15th day | Misfortunes – Amavasya | | Works like Mahadan and Pitra Karma are carried out on this Tithi. Companionship with woman be avoided.
    Poornima, (Purnima) | | Looks like a Mirage – Gives hope but finally ends up in troubles-Purnima | works related to War, marriage, sacrifice, water, travel, peace, and nurture can be carried out.
    Moon has been considered to be strong during Krishna Paksha’s Pratipada, and weak in Shukla Paksha

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