What Makes Hinduism Unique & Why Should People Join Hinduism ?

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    The concept of utmost freedom of thoughts & actions is the cardinal principle of Hinduism and that what attracts everyone to Hinduism. Hinduism never forbids anyone to question its fundamentals.

    Even an atheist has the right to hit and condemn Hinduism in the public and still proudly proclaim he or she is a Hindu.

    Voltaire in Essay on Tolerance wrote:“ I may disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death, your right to say it.” .
    Hinduism is the symbol of what Voltaire wrote.

    Talking about Hinduism on one side, you may come across people worshiping animals ,pests like elephants, rats, and still on other side you will come across concepts parallel to Quantum Physics and Neil's Bohr Theory of nuclear structure and reactions.

    On one side ADVAIDA [There is ONLY one ] philosophy is discussed and promoted, still on other side DWAITA [ two--duality] philosophy is discussed and promoted. Hinduism never ever killed or displaced any one, since the person wrote a wrong scripture or did not observe a particular ritual.

    Eventually everyone will embrace Hinduism ( SANATHANA DHARMA - Righteousness for ever ) since Hinduism is man's ever lasting search after truth.

    Everyone is attracted to Hinduism because :
    • It allows FREE flow of THOUGHTS.
    • NO restrictions what so ever.
    • NO. statement starting with THOU shall not in HINDU scriptures.
    • NO statement that YOU have to become Hindu or be a HINDU to attain SALVATION.
    • NO. statement that GOD in Hinduism is the TRUE GOD and all other God's are FALSE GODS.
    • NOBODY is disowned or thrown out of Hinduism since they wrote a wrong book or preached a wrong philosophy.

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