When Did Bhishma Pitamah Die ?

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    There is very interesting question that pop's up in mind of many i.e. who killed bhishma pitamah in mahabharata ?
    Too tell you guys noone killed bhishma pitamah he died on his own will rest answer is as follows:

    Pitamah Bheeshm (भीष्म) fell on the 10th day of the great war. Bheeshma had told Pandavas the earlier night (9th day night) that he cannot be defeated in battle by anyone but he will not raise his arms on anyone who is a woman or half-woman. Accordingly, the Pandava army had Shikhandi (शिखण्डी) at its head position on the 10th day. Arjun, hiding behind Shikhandi shot many arrows to Bheeshma. His entire body was struck with arrows.

    Around the afternoon, Pitamah fell. As soon as he fell, the battle was stopped in due respect to the oldest and the most respected of of the warriors. There were so many arrows that Pitamah Bheeshm, when he fell, fell on a bed of arrows that were piercing his body. His head was tangling. He asked for a head rest. Many Kaurava warrirors started bringing soft pillows but Pitamah Bheeshm wanted a head rest fit for a warrior. Arjun struck three arrows below Pitamah Bheeshm's head that brought him the head-rest that he desired.

    However, Pitamah Bheeshm did not die on that day. He had the boon of "ichcha mrityu" (इच्छा मृत्यु), i.e., he could die when he chose to. At that time the Sun was in the aphelion stage or dakshinayan (दक्षिणायन) or Sun was located in the Southern hemisphere (winter months). As per Pitamah Bheeshm this was not the auspicious time to die. Moreover, the future of Hastinapur was insecure at that time and he had promised his father that he would die only when he was sure of this.

    The war got over on the 18th day. Pitamah Bheeshm continued to live till Yudhishthir was crowned the king and the Sun entered the perihelion stage i.e., northbound (उत्तरायण). This is the auspicious day Makar Sankranti (मकर संक्रांति) when Sun leaves the southern hemisphere, enters the northern hemisphere in the Makar rashi. Pitamah Bheeshm soul gave up the body on this day.

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