Where can i find god ?

Discussion in 'God' started by answering hindu, Feb 26, 2016.

  1. answering hindu

    answering hindu New Member

    I would want to meet god when in my human body.
    I have many complaints to make.
    Can anyone guide me the way and show me god ?
    I don't want some crappy spiritual guru who will blast off my years teaching me something which will hardly show me god in this life.

  2. Senthil

    Senthil Active Member Staff Member

    From the dvaita perspective, God is outside, and separate, so going to temples to worship Him/Her there would be productive. From a monistic and advaitic perspective, He/She is part of you, sp medotation would be where to find God. Of course there are many7 paths that do both ... inside and outside.
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  3. answering hindu

    answering hindu New Member

    i would say that both are different yet same..if we look at god outside it usually leads us to prayers and when we look at advaita we meditate. prayers are also somewhat mediation its just that the method is different..if we look at bhakti sect's they see god everywhere ..
  4. Senthil

    Senthil Active Member Staff Member

    Namaste: I just find that on a personal level, they compliment each other. By going to temple or home shrine, it is easier to meditate, and by meditating, the bhakti is enriched.
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  5. answering hindu

    answering hindu New Member

  6. rahul malik

    rahul malik New Member

    God is present inside you. you don't need to go anywhere to find god.
    For experiencing God... for getting closer to God human beings need traveling uncharted path of spirituality... the path of unknown!

    Reaching stage of enlightenment and finally salvation moksha is not that easy to achieve! In the last about 150 years amongst 7 billion people existing world over... only two persons gained enlightenment and finally salvation moksha.
    For realizing God... for reaching stage of self realization... for gaining enlightenment... the stage of kaivalya jnana human beings need establishing absolute control over five senses and mind. Only after we subdue the five senses... we establish control over mind power.

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