Which is the bravest community in india ?

Discussion in 'India' started by Ignorant, Aug 3, 2015.

  1. Ignorant

    Ignorant New Member

    I come from pandit ancestral background and what i have known is that Rajpoots among Hindus have been bravest community in India.
    But many times there have been name of communities that have shown more power in ancient India.
    I would love to see view points of Other Hindus in the forum.
  2. Speechless world

    Speechless world New Member

    September 12 dont remmeber the year known as saragahi Day, Sikh regiment 21 soldiers against 10000 afghans, also known as the best Last stands of all times.
    every soldier was fighting almost 500 enemies at the same time. They defended the fort for more than 24 hours. The bravery of these 21 men made the queen of england loose her control. Although the battle caused casualties of all the 21 men, however the afghan casualty was immense, British sources claimed to have found over 3000+ dead bodies.

    Another Last stand was given by Major Shaitan singh and his Ahir regiment during 1961 war at the Rezangla Pass. If not for these brave men India would have lost Laddakh to the Chinese. Although this battle was also lost, the odds that these men faced were immense.
    120 soldiers were facing 10000 Chinese troops supported by artillery. Major Shaitan Singh asked his regiment to hold the Pass and they fought for more than 5 days. Finally the chinese troops had to retreat. Although India lost the 1961 war, the chinese were quite impressed and surprised of the valiant effort of Indian Soldiers.
    The battle at rezangla Pass is the only known Last stand where the the Side with less numbers won the battle.

    These are the 2 stories of the most bad asses Indian Army men who have fought valiently and made Mother India proud. Even today the chinese are afraid to battle Indian army men in a 1 v 1, merely bcoz our soldiers are the best of the best.

    More stories can be posted but i think it's best to let others too contribute to the post.
  3. Punit Garg

    Punit Garg New Member

    prithvi raj chahuan ,he killed gauri in their own court with his blind eye ,there are many such brave guys in india
    Raja man singh ne sabse pahle Afghanistan fatah kiya tha. Raja harshvardhan ka raj Afghanistan tak tha. Bappa Rawal ka raj Afghanistan se nepal tak tha . aur nepal ka Raja aaj bhi uska vansaj hai

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