Who is the Hindu God?

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    All Gods are accepted to originate from the skies. Hindu Gods have a few associations with the skies. Things being what they are, did they truly originate from a world other than earth? There are hypotheses that divine beings originated from an alternate world. A few individuals accept that they were outsiders; at any rate old space explorer scholars unequivocally accept that divine beings were outsiders and originated from a different universe.

    In the event that divine beings were people, why civic establishments over the world have been delineating them so in an unexpected way? For instance, in antiquated Mesopotamian societies, a gathering of divinities, have been delineated more like dark outsiders than people. They are accepted to originate from skies and individuals in Mahenjedaro used to love them like divine beings.

    Indra is the divine force of downpour and storm in Indian mythology. He was accepted to live in Svaragloka (haeaven), a spot some place in space. He had a weapon called Vajra which he used to execute delinquents and oblivious persons.

    In numerous Sanskrit stories, Vimanas have been alluded as legendary flying machines. Ramayana, one of the considerable sagas of India and Nepal, notice a Vimana claimed by Ravana. It was made by Vishwakarma for Brahma who is the Hindu divine force of creation. Brahma skilled this flying machine to Kubera, the divine force of riches, yet was later stolen, alongside Lanka, by his relative, the evil spirit ruler Ravana.

    Master Yhovah is portrayed as flying in every single distinctive cloud. In diverse delineations, he can be seen to fly in splendid mists, dull mists, white mists, thick mists, low mists and red hot mists. There are stages, extraordinary flames, tempests, sky residences that propose a flying vehicle that the god lives in, and goes in.

    Numerous divine beings and perfect creatures said in the Hindu scripts went in flying machine like protest that quickly flew, spun and anticipated light bars around evening time. These articles could have plunged to the ground and climbed into the sky. They could have additionally floated over ground and produced sounds.

    There are a great many Hindu gods and there are several legendary articles or weapons committed to them. Most normal weapons with which the vast majority of the divine beings have been delineated incorporate swords, tridents, bows and fights. All the delineations of divine beings, paying little respect to their introductions, reveal to them with one or more heavenly question or weapon. Case in point, a weapon making thunderbolt has been said in the majority of the Hindu mythologies. Vedic mythology says about a thunderbolt weapon called Vajra that was wielded by Lord Indra.

    Looks of current innovation in antiquated dividers, building, structures and references, and so forth

    In any case, these pointers don't demonstrate that our divine beings were outsiders, however they propose that possibly the divine beings were outsiders. So it entirely depends on the faith and religious state of a person to perceive a Hundu God.
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    The supreme hindu god is Adishakti (the energy) and all other gods are the one or more forms of adishakti

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