Why Dogs are the best Guard ?

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    One day Naradamuni came to this family and asked them if anybody would like to come home back to Godhead, everybody denied accept Kailasha the father, husband, son who was responsible for this family. I got kids who needs to get married and later you can take me to heaven, time passed kids got married and muniji arrived, no he replied I would like to see my Grandchild and then you can take me, muniji arrived after few years, not yet Kailasha replied. Would wait for him to get married and later you can take me back, got married and now waiting to watch his great grandchild...time passed kailasha passed away and muniji arrived, the family member informed, he passed out few days back. Naradji saw one dog barking outside the house, with his divine eyes he made out the dog in this life was once kailasha in past, he went to this Dog and said...I know you are kailasha and never mind I can still take you to Godhead in your dogs body, no he replied...I have spend days and night to build this house, my little grand children's plays in the yard and keeps door open, I need to guard them, I need to guard them at night. Later you can take me. This story sounds scientifically and logical.

    Shrimad Bhagwatam confirms the person gets a life according to their desire at the time of death like Raja Bharat who meditated on a deer and got a deers body in his next life and so Kailasha and like minded who are so attached within this material world with material relationship with an intention to serve them, Guard them as if we are God in all their problems and so such desire leads to a birth of a Wafadar Kutta. Why not wafadar humans? Because only those human who follows dharma and spends time for Krishna and his devotees are wafadar humans, help, respect, care are duties of every human however this shouldn't lead to attachment, emotions etc humans got the intelligence compared to other 84 lakh species, there are do's and dont's mentioned in scriptures only for human race and not other species but when we human behave so possessive like birds, greedy like dogs and crow, attached and lusty like monkeys and so we pay our deeds, deserve such body due to our behaviour. This is one reason why Dogs (who was once a humans materially attached in family) are loved so much in many houses, specially those who are alone...because only the body has changed but the attachment of jivatma remains, this attachment can be among any pet or humans and they were all related to us since billions of birth. Next time when such attachment takes place with any pets go in the family's past and think about who was that most attached person in family and the mystery would be solved. Please do not be confused with love and attachment. Every living entity needs to be respected and to be loved but never to be attached is the basic requirement for we humans.

    ||HaRe kriShNa||
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