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    I was born in the 1950s, and nobody in my family and environment knew anything about India o Hinduism. Yet, from my early childhood I refused to eat meat out of ethical conscience and I told people about reincarnation and the unity of all life.

    When I finally came across some books on Hinduism, I was ecstatic because I could finally give a technical name to define my certainties. The more I read, the more it made sense.

    I officially converted to Hinduism in 1978, and immediately I dedicated myself full time to religion and spirituality, eagerly continuining its study and soon starting to teach about it.

    Hinduism is very deep and scientific, and therefore it is more difficult to understand and apply than other more superficial and dogmatic religions, but the more genuinely "Hindu" you become, the better person you will be. It is like becoming a "fundamentalist" in honesty, ethical conscience, intelligence, wisdom, knowledge, happiness, love and freedom.

    However, the beauty of Hinduism is also in the graduality of approaches. Anyone can participate easily without too much strain, as there are so many different levels to personalize one's dedication in a genuine way, and so many aspects of God to choose as one's ista devata.

    I have been traveling all around India from 1984 and moved my residence permanently in India in 1994, without depending on, or referring to any group, organization or institution, but simply living as a Hindu among Hindus. In the course of years, I have found more and more jewels of knowledge and realization, and I am always eager for more.

    Of course, my personal experience of Hinduism is mainly based on the original Vedic scriptures and knowledge.

    I call myself a "orthodox Hindu", with the original dictionary meaning of the word "othodox". I have performed all the required rituals of prayascitta, suddhi, and vrata and other samksaras under the tutelage of universally recognized and respected traditional sasana brahmanas in Orissa, including the deula purohita of the Sri Mandir, who personally conducted the yajna.

    I am not saying that all those who consider themselves, or are considered, as Hindus, constitute a perfect example of the wonderful knowledge and tradition that I have chosen to follow. Quite the contrary, I am very well aware of the shortcomings of many individuals, including a number of those who occupy a prominent political position on the scene of "Hindu religion".

    But the answers and the solutions are there, clear and perfect and totally practical, in the original shastra.

    In the last years I have modified my sadhana in this direction and I am dedicating myself to the effort of bringing the wealth of Vedic scriptures and knowledge to the largest public. I founded the Jagannatha Vallabha Vedic Research center and started to produce and publish books for this purpose, and my only concern is that I will be able to complete as much work as possible, as well as assisting others to commit to this great work.

    In cooperation with other Hindu friends, I am now organizing a Mahakarya Institute, that will promote and conduct Courses and Seminars on many subjects in order to facilitate the practical application of Vedic knowledge and ethics (vidya and dharma) to everyday life at individual and collective level, also producing textbooks in sociology, economy, strategy, education and similar fields. Everyone is invited to participate.

    Please contact me at paramakaruna@aol.in.

    By Mataji Devi

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