Why is cow considered as holy by Hindus ?

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    “Cow is just an animal like a hen or goat... then why should one not kill and eat it?”

    Cow is also an animal, but... a cow has many specialities that no other animal (not even human beings) has in this world. This is the reason that Hindus consider cow as ‘mother’ after their own mother, and pray to the cow with respect calling it “go-matha”.

    These are some truths about go-matha.

    · If a cow eats something poisonous by mistake, and we drink its milk, will we fall ill? To find out, one cow was regularly fed a particular quantity of a poison every day. After 24 hours, its blood, urine, dung and milk were tested in a lab to check where the poison could be found. In this way, the tests were done not for 1 or 2 days, but continuously for 90 days in All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) New Delhi. The researcher did not find any trace of poison in milk, blood, urine or dung of that cow.

    Then where did this poison fed for 90 days go? Just like Lord Shiva held poison in his throat, the go-matha hid the entire poison in her throat. This is a special quality that no other animal has.

    · This is the only creature that inhales oxygen and also exhales oxygen.

    · Cow milk has the quality of countering poison.

    · There are diseases that medical science has not yet understood; urine of Go-matha has the power to cure them

    · If cow-ghee and rice are cooked together, two powerful gases called ethylene-oxide, propylene-oxide are released. Propylene-oxide is the best gas used for creating artificial rain.

    · Cow-urine is the world’s best killer of microbes

    · With medicines made using cow dung and cow urine, stomach-related ailments can be cured.

    · We can save ourselves from radio-waves by plastering the home floors and area outside home with cow-dung

    · Cow-dung has the power to destroy the microbes causing cholera

    · If 10 grams of cow-ghee is put in fire (yagnya), 1 ton of oxygen is generated

    · Cow-urine is as sacred as ganga-jal

    “Cow protection is the way that our species, our dharma will be protected. Cow-protection is no less than the need for independence.” - Mahatma Gandhi

    Cow’s milk is tonic, its ghee is ambrosia and its meat is disease (Hazarat Mohamed)

    Killing a cow is equivalent to killing a human (Jesus Christ)

    Cow is a great boon to human society. Where a cow is looked after well, and protected, that country’s land will be great. Homes will prosper. Culture will progress. (Bernard Mike Faden)

    The Quran does not encourage cow-slaughter (Hakeel Hajmal Khan)

    Cow-slaughter is against the rules of Islam (Tauhin-e-Hind Bijaharu)

    Can we see unity in diversity anywhere in the world other than in India? Whether we are a Hindu or a Muslim, or a Christian, as long as we live in our country, we are an Indian. Respecting the culture and tradition of our country is our dharma.

    Freedom does not mean “live as we please”. It means living in a way that our Lord would like.
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    Namastey Aum,

    This question is a matter of discussion from past many years. Cow is considered as important and sacred in Hindu Religion. Since ancient times, Cows (Gau Mata) has been donated to brahmins by King and Other people. In some parts of India, Gau Daan is still practiced. Many Gods have cow besides them. One of them is Lord Krishna and other is Dattatreya. That's why outside Hindu temples people sit with Cows wherein they bow in front of her and feed her grass.
    Yes I agree with the fact that Cow slaughtering is considered wrong that's why many people in Hinduism don't consume Cow. Many online sources tell that Islamic religion suggest that only herbivorous animal should be eaten.
    I agree with all the facts the you have mentioned about importance of Cow in Hinduism.
    ~Hari Om
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    namaste nimrat..
    humans by its making is vegetarian..
    believe me their are many more logic's and pointers that i can come up with :)
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    The cow is a most wonderful laboratory. She takes the grasses of the pasture and the roughage of the field and converts them into the most perfect food for man. In that food there is a mysterious something which scientists have found essential to the highest health of the human race, which can be found nowhere else. Men have sought for centuries the fabled fountain of youth. The nearest approach to that fountain yet discovered is the udder of the cow.

    - Gov. Frank O. Lowden
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    The milk of a cow is believed to promote Sattvic (purifying) qualities. The ghee (clarified butter) from the milk of a cow is used in ceremonies and in preparing religious food. Cow dung is used as fertilizer, as a fuel and as a disinfectant in homes. Its urine is also used for religious rituals as well as medicinal purposes.
    Millions of Hindus revere and worship cows. Hinduism is a religion that raises the status of Mother to the level of Goddess. Therefore, the cow is considered a sacred animal, as it provides us life sustaining milk. The cow is a symbol of the divine bounty of earth.

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