Why is India a Pseudo Secular Country ?

Discussion in 'India' started by garry420, Jul 20, 2015.

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    I have always observed and seen India is no way a secular country. There is no way equality for all citizens,
    Minorities by large Muslims and Christians have the cream of countries resources.
    Still they cry for injustice. Ignorant Hindus don't even know that they have been facing discrimination since ages.
    Appeasement of one is injustice with others and India has always been land of minority appeasing.
    Where does the temple money of India go ?
    It goes for madrasa's and subsides of Christians

    Hindus have to pay taxes to goto amarnath yatra and Muslims enjoy subsides going to makka.
    Not a penny gets spends from Indian government during Hindu festivals for people but when comes to EID every party holds eid party to appease Muslims vote why ?
    Is it secularism ?
    No its not

    Lets all collect a list of points that will Prove that India is a pseudo secular country.
    Note: These are mere my opinions
  2. Senthil

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    I think some of it goes back to the British policy of 'divide and conquer'. We have remnants of this.

    Besides that, Hindus are just so nice. We've opened the land to many peoples over the ages, welcoming with open arms, perhaps way too naively. We made false assumptions about the people we invited in, just believing they were nice, similar to how a naive person might invite a stranger to his house without fully knowing he's allowing adharma to enter.

    Built into almost all democratic constitutions is the idea of protection of minority rights. This only works where the leaders are wise. In most places the majority does discriminate against the minority. Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia are some examples. But not in India. In India the majority, ironically discriminate against themselves. It's sad but I do think we're waking up.

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