Why is kavady mainly observed by tamils why do we have different fasts ?

Discussion in 'India' started by Speechless world, Sep 3, 2015.

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    '' why is kavady mainly observed by tamils why do we have different fasts why do Hindus not fast for partasi Etc etc ???.''

    No, not at all -The same mentality of this causes disunity infact, u see, Kavady is worshiped worldwide. It is observe by some monks as well belonging to Buddhism and by some Sikhism worshipers as well.. not only Tamil people but most devotees of Shiva are also devotees of Murgar.

    Hindu do fast for purttassi -U mean that 'HINDI'' don't fast for purttassi. - Tamil and Hindi belong are just languages. -These languages consist of rituals that is different because the place where these languges existed had experiences/miracles of different deity's at different times of the year, hence the different rituals at different times for different deity's.

    - Since Hinduism is NOT a religion and it is a way of life, (Religion is only a belief of God) but Sanathan Dharma is much much more, consisting of rituals, culture, Ayurveda, scripture, Yoga, meditation etc.
    The word ''Religion'' is a English word which came after Sanathan Dharma which is from Sanskrit origin. hence, it doesn't depict us properly and we see ourselves as this WAY OF LIFE. - The first language was Sanskrit, and Tamil came afterwards -this is in the Ramayana, when Ram told Lachmana what language everyone was talking and Ram said that it was given to the southern part of of India by Shiva himself. - B4 this, everyone confined in one language which was Sanskrit. -hence ''HINDI, TAMIL, MARATHI etc, is just a derivation of Sanskrit.
    The rituals are similar. - coming from same scriptures. its the language's that is different and when something is different, it creates fictions as being opposite.
    you can refer to chapter 8.18 in the Bhagavad Gita, where Swami Prabhupada comments of the effect of disunity from righteousness and this is it in Kali yuga. - If we associate language directly with Sanathan Dharma, then we are falling to another form of Maya (illusion)
    -also, culture is only one part of Sanathan Dharma, hence the culture and language from north and south India is different -not Sanathan Dharma.

    Jai Shree Ram.
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    Kavadi is associated with Murugan worship, and Tamil Nadu (and anywhere Tamils have moved to) is the place where Murugan is very actively worshipped. It's a fascinating worship.

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