Why lord shiva cannot directly marry Adi shakti herself ?

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    Goddess Adishakti is the heavenly wife of Shiva.Parvati, Sati(whose real name was Gauri), or Durga is the original manifested form of Mother Adi-Parashakti. She is Adi- Parashakti herself

    Shiva's consort is Devi, the Mother-Goddess. Devi has taken on many forms in the past, including Kali, the goddess of death, and Sati, the goddess of marital felicity. Her best known incarnation is Parvati, Shiva's eternal wife

    Just a mere remembrance of Devi Adishakti can solve all problems. Devi Adishakti is the ultimate life and energy source and devotion to her relieves a person from all tensions and problems. She is also known as Kalratri. She belongs to the Gaur community and hence is also called Mahagauri. Devi Adishakti blesses all her devotees and solves all of their problems.

    Brahma created life on the earth. He made his son Daksh as the Prajapati. Prajapati means the one who creates or invents new things that should be accepted by the whole world. Brahma and Vishnu were worried about Shiv who was so much engrossed in his taap (penance) and hardly took part in worldly activities. Brahma remembered the words of Adi Shakti that she would take birth as a human and would marry shiv. Brahma immediately went to Daksh. Brahma requested his son and his wife to do penance for Adi Shakti to get her as their daughter. Daksh and his wife Prasuti soon started doing the same.

    Adi Shakti atlast got pleased and gave them them thier desired vardan (wish) of having her as thier daughter. She specially mentioned about one fact that they would not remember about she being thier daughter and she would live like a normal girl. As for Adi Shakti's wish, they forgot everything about she taking birth as thier daughter. Infact, They even forgot about the penance that they did to please her.

    Finally Adi Shakti took birth as the youngest daughter of Daksh. She was named Sati. Out of the dozens of daughters, Daksh's beloved daughter was no one other than Sati. Hence, She was also named as Dakshayani.
    For the first time, Maa Adi-Shakti, Herself manifested in Her Shaguna form in the house of Brahma's son Daksha, the most powerful among the Prajapatis, the secondary creators who assisted Brahma in the process of Universal Creation. It must be noted that while Lakshmi and Saraswati, are direct unborn manifestations, or Ayonias, Shakti Herself takes human birth like any ordinary human. This is a divine leela of Devi to help Daksha to do his creation in this earth because she is Adishakti , Shakti is the believed to be the Primordial Mother of the cosmology who brings forth the material universe and all other beings, including the Gods, demi-Gods, celestials, mortals and demons, out of her creative energy - Maya. Parvati, Sati(whose real name was Gauri), or Durga is the original manifested form of Mother Adi-Parashakti. She is Adi- Parashakti herself so she took a human form and born to Daksha for help to do his creation with out any problem because Lord Brahma requested Adhishakti to born as a daughter of Dhaksha to give necessary power and help to him and also marry Lord shiva for world and universe Benefits.because Shiv who was so much engrossed in his taap (penance) and hardly took part in worldly activities.Adishakti agreed to help lord Brahma and Daksha so she born to Daksha as a sati

    Brahma came to Daksh's palace and requested him that Sati should get married and Shiv would be the perfect husband for her. Daksh was reluctant towards his father's proposal. so, Brahma finally went to sati and had a small conversation with her in which he cleared all the misunderstandings that Daksh had created in her mind about shiv. He even said that no other man in the whole world be better than Shiv for her and she is adi shakti, the better half of Shiv, who took birth as sati. Sati was relieved by Brahma's message. Daksh had to ultimately agree to his father's wish and Sati got married to Shiv.
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    First of all Adishakti is a energy..it's not a form. Adishakti is all alone, it doesn'e need anyone. everything else is a subordinates of energy (the supreme adishakti).
    When enrgy is transform into power than it's subordinate is time, that is lord shiva. So when energy transforms into power than it comes up with shiva as a part otherwise energy is all alone.

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