Why Should We Sit Straight with Spine Vertically Upright Perpendicular to the Ground

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    1. The Shiva Sutra says , sit with spine straight up , feet Padmaasana while you meditate .
    The Kundalini Shakthi flows straight upward thru the centre sushumna naadi and activativates the pathway as well as touches the aagya chakra and activates the non-mechanical ( in Sri Nithyananda Swami 's words ) parts of the brain .

    2. Pathanjali Yoga Sutra copied :
    Yoga should be performed , sitting in straight posture .

    Two essentials for posture: Yoga has been defined as the mastery of the thought patterns of mind field (1.2), so that Self-realization can be experienced (1.3). To be able to do the meditation practices that allow this, it is essential that the posture be (2.46):
    Steady, and Comfortable ( Ref :http://www.swamij.com/yoga-sutras-24648.htm)

    3. The spine contains physically the nerve centre points ;
    C1 to C8 , T1 to T12 and L 1 to L5 and the sacral / base of spine !

    These are also nadi points thru which the cosmic energy floods into the physical , mental and emotional levels of that point . When the spine is straight , cosmic energy floods in thru the Sahasraara ( crown chakra ) and enters in thru all these nadi points . The picture shows the Organs and Diseases connected to the parts/ centre points of the spine . This sitting posture ( sitting with spine straight ) heals all these organs , the diseases , heals the connected emotional blocks , and strengthens the allied mental frame making thinking positive !

    4. When spine is straight , cosmic energy floods in thru the sahasraar , Kundalini shakthi rises up the spine , whole being radiates divine healing energy and bliss !

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