Why Yakub Memon Should Be Hanged ?

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    Justice Kurian Joseph has supported reprieve for Yakub Memon, as a result of which, pending further consideration, Yakub may NOT be hanged on 30th.
    There is no point harping about the merits of the case if our judiciary itself is of a different opinion - and who can dare say any thing against them?

    However, here is one last myth we'd like to break - the much propagated lie that Yakub had surrendered (and hence emotional stories with melodramatic dialogues woven around it).
    Yakub was caught by Nepalese security forces at the Kathmandu airport while he was fleeing to Pakistan, then handed over to CBI.

    And just so we know, Yakub's conviction has come after careful deliberations spanning two decades. It's time to undo our knowledge of Yakub based on some obscure movie and get these hard facts in our head, from the Supreme Court Judgement itself, running into 790 pages, relating to Death Sentence of Yakub Abdul Razak Memon:

    1. Supreme Court(SC) noted that in our Jurisprudence, sentence depends upon gravity of role played by convict - A1 who is refered as Yakub Memon
    2. That, Yakub Memon was in position of Authority. Played significant role. His position was dominating. Para 496 of SC Judgment.
    3. Other convicts were asked by Tiger Memon to stay in touch with Yakub Memon for further instructions regarding blasts. Para 498 of SC Judgment.

    4. Yakub Memon assumed the role of Tiger Memon in India during his absence. Yakub was Tiger's most trusted man.
    5. Tiger Memon gave commands to Yakub Memon. He, in turn, gave commands to other convicts. So Yakub was a key player.
    6. Yakub Memon also performed the task of handling explosive bags & kept the explosives safe for blasts. Para 498 - b of SC Judgment.

    7. Yakub Memon actively performed Hawala transactions to facilitate money for the blasts. Para 498 - c. of SC Judgment.
    8. Yakub Memon made travel arrangements for other convicts for purpose of their training to carry out blasts. Para 498-d of SC Judgment.
    9. Yakub Memon was found equally responsible for blasts as Tiger Memon. Yakub was held to be the ‘Architect of blasts’. Para 499 of SC Judgment.

    10. Without Yakub Memon, blasts would have never seen the daylight, observed SC in Para 499 of it's Judgment.
    11. As found by SC, Yakub Memon was the ‘Driving Spirit’ behind the ‘Plan of blasts’. Blasts were at his & Tiger's discretion.
    12. A1, i. e. Yakub Memon was one of the ‘Archers of the blasts’. Words of SC in Para 500 of its Judgment.

    13. Without planning of Yakub Memon & others; explosives & ammunition used in blasts wouldn't have entered India. Para 501 of SC Judgment.
    14. Yakub Memon & other perpetrators consciously used meek, underprivileged men to execute their plan of blasts.
    15. Yakub Memon fled the country along with other family members to evade the Clutches of Law. Para 501 of SC Judgment.

    16. Blasts wouldn't have taken place at all without the roles played by Yakub Memon & other perpetrators. Para 502 of SC Judgment.
    17. Supreme Court conclusively found Yakub Memon in dominant position & directly responsible for blasts. Para 502 of SC Judgment.
    18. ‘Aggravating Circumstances’ against Yakub Memon, as noted by Supreme Court while justifying ‘Death Sentence’.

    19. Supreme Court conclusively found that Yakub Memon was one of the brains behind hatching larger conspiracy of Bombay Blasts.
    20. Yakub Memon targeted vulnerable, defenceless victims. His crime was of one with ‘Extreme Depravity’, observed the Supreme Court.
    21. Severity of pain & suffering inflicted on victims was taken into account by Supreme Court to justify ‘Death Sentence’ of Yakub Memon.

    22. To inflict maximum damage, Yakub Memon DELIBERATELY chose highly populated places as sites of blasts. Diabolical !
    23. Mitigating Circumstances in favour of Yakub Memon, as argued by his counsel didn't impress the Supreme Court at all.
    24. Return of Yakub Memon to India was canvassed before the Supreme Court to oppose ‘Death Sentence’, who found no merit in the argument. So the argument of ‘Return to India’ has already been unsuccessfully used by Yakub Memon in Supreme Court.

    25. Supreme Court Judgment explicitly states ‘Active & Pivotal role’ of Yakub Memon in carrying out the blasts. Debunks argument that he wasn't directly involved.
    26. In Indian Jurisprudence, ‘Commanding Position & Utmost Gravity of Crime Warrant Extreme Penalty. Yakub Memon fits in the picture.
    27. Supreme Court Judgment conclusively smashes the argument that Yakub Memon didn't play vital role in the blasts or that his crime was less grave.

    Final word is that Yakub Memon is guilty of most ghastly crime in Independent India's history.
    A direct & pivotal role. Any mercy on him would deal a great blow to anti-terror campaign in this nation.
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    I didn't reply to this earlier, but should have prior to his hanging. It needs to be done to ANYONE who tries to harm innocent people or people just because of their beliefs. In the face of brazen insurgency like this, I would have done one of two things (I'm not afraid to die anymore); I would have gone after him to stop him, shot down in the attempt, or I would have beaten him down and killed him on the spot to save the drama of court and hanging. Free up the resources wasted on such distracting matters. Eventually, there will be so many of them you'll have no choice but to kill on sight because it'll turn into an all-out war in which the justice system no longer can interject between killings to sentence (because there is no time to even take to jail because jails fill up fast). People need to remember that while a major goal of Hinduism is to be peaceful and respectful of one another, however, NEVER be afraid to pull out that AK-47 and get to work to defend yourselves. This was a major big booboo, mistake that Hindus made, of letting your guard down just because civilizational behavior had evolved to the point where people didn't fight anymore, and when they did, matters were settled in the field instead of in the towns and cities. In other words, "civilized warfare." What they COULD have done was to maintain weaponry development and tactic readiness by playing "war games" with one another and coming up with ideas where one side could defeat the other, fairly or not. It took centuries to recover from this, and by then, the Europeans set foot in India and started this all over again, leading to EXACTLY where we are today. Do not be afraid to drop your Jati and go straight to Kśatriya for the time needed to defend your way of life. To not do so and become subject to your invader's way of thinking would be like being taken out of your Ph.D. program and made to go back to elementary school. You lose all this knowledge, and you can't use it anymore. This is why Kśatriya is one of the four varṇas of civilization. What good is it to discuss the characteristics of Viṣṇu when you will be beheaded for it?

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