Will Indian Hindus wake up to demand ?

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    Clarence Pais, ex president of Catholic Association of Dakshina Kannada in Karnataka has filed a petition to the SC - legalize 'Christian Courts' in India - "It is reasonable that when Courts in India recognize dissolution of marriage (by pronouncing word talaq 3 times) under Mohammedan law which is personal law of Muslims, Courts should also recognize for the purpose of dissolution of marriage Canon Law as the personal law of Indian Catholics,".
    Expressing concern over this kind of growing influence of religion on social issues, the Supreme Court wondered how long India would remain a secular country.
    “India till now is a secular country… we don’t know for how long it will remain a secular country. We have to stamp out religion from civil laws. It is very necessary. There are already too many problems,” said a bench of Justices Vikramjit Sen and C Nagappan.

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