Winter Skin Problems

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    It is very common to see dry skin, cracked lips, cracked nails and cracked feet in winter. It is obvious that we apply moisturizers to protect ourselves from these signs.

    But there is somethings more than this for you to learn. In Winter season, body burns more calories to protect us from cold weather. That means body generates more heat, right!

    In this situation, we tend to eat high calories. It is nice to do so. However, the metabolism will help to burn calories, only if we exert well and let the skin pores open up to sweat as well. For this matter, drinking hydrating fluids and not just warm liquids, such as juices, hot skim milk and soups are good for consumption. Also, hydrating salads, such as cucumber, tomato, parsley, spinach and lettuce are real good source of fluids in salads. Applying mustard oil or coconut oil for massaging your body parts especially hands and legs. Pouring 5 drops of ghee in umbilicus helps in reducing cracked feet problems in just a few days. Try it!

    Moreover, doing regular long walks, exercises and Yoga must be part of your routine to maintain metabolism. Persons suffering from Metabolic disorders tend to see health concerns. Diabetic people see higher blood sugar in this season and Hypertensive patients face more Blood Pressure problems in Winter, as they tend to reduce exertion. Hence they suffer badly in case of cracked heels, and cracked lips. So a proper care is must to maintain metabolism.

    It is important to maintain metabolism well in Winter. That is important!

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