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    Generally public are reluctant to do meditation, main reason wasting the precious time without knowing its value of time, lack of will power and guidanace of a Guru of Calibre.

    My sincere advice is start meditation immediately, I am here to give you support wherever you may be.

    Will power strengthened through meditation, so we will be able to spend more and more time for meditation.

    Meditation does not need money as sincere Gurus will teach free of cost because they live to serve humanity.

    There are no restrictions on food, clothing etc., as meditation is internal issue external has no importance

    Meditation is related to God and not to any religion.

    God is universal, there is only one God accepted by all great saints. Everyone says God has no colour, form and name.

    We see many photos of God's who are closing their eyes and doing meditation, it clearly shows that there is some super power who has created this universe that power is the God.

    None of us can see God but we can feel God in our heart through meditation.

    Great saints of many religions have acquired knowledge through meditation only for example Gautam Budda, Swamy Vivekananda. Hence, even many scientists started meditation.

    Mahatma Gandhiji became crowd puller and divine personality through meditation only. Few saints prayed for the success of Mahatma Gandhiji, hence he got miraculous results.

    Fasting also helps us to feel God in us, also purifies our mind and body. Fasting cannot be done daily but meditation can be done daily without loosing anything.

    Only thing we loose through meditation is anger, bad habits, diseases, wrong thinking and attitudes.

    Whatever may be your religion, whenever you go to any place of worship maintain silence, help them to maintain cleanliness of that place.

    Please ensure that you sit in that place of worship silently in meditation for some time to experience power of that place.

    Always choose a place of worship where crowd is less but generally public prefer to go to a place where visitors are more. But we know that there we dont experience peace due to heavy crowd there will not be even sufficient place to sit or remain in the remembrance of God, then how can we experience peace and tranquility at that place. Since, God is everywhere so every place of worship is same.

    Always have a thought that God is in the heart of everyone whether they feel it or not, and respect everyone it is the respect we show towards the God.

    Before sleeping pray to God to give you will power to do meditation as soon as you get up in the morning, it creates wonders in you.

    - Katta Srinivasulu

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